Reverend Peter Hale Character Analysis

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To start with off with The Crucible by Arthur Miller, Miller depicts Reverend Peter Hale as a man who would not like to be defamed. However, in the wake of witnessing the Salem Witch Trials, he understands that it was wrong for the villagers to execute innocent individuals because they could not substantiate themselves as not guilty. Correspondingly to the "Red Scare" Peter Hale's character made an astonishing look of what humans are capable of doing even after several years of an un-ruling incident.
Hale knew about Abigail's witchcrafts and did not make a move. He did not like to discuss about it as he knew how it would end and hurt his career. In Act 1, he comes to Salem for discovering indications of witchcraft in the town. He carries with
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Similarly the characters in Miller's play turned over one another trying to spare themselves. This social issue of the 50s is reflected in Miller's The Crucible. Arthur Miller's message in the play was that we, (the people) ought to reason and acknowledge the amount of damage made when we get caught up in such franticness and the consequences that follow when we do. He explains how people tend to panic over little situations when we are afraid. In the play, the people of Salem lose their heads in light of the fact that they are afraid for different reasons, for example, getting charged or slaughtered. Since they are afraid, they fall for the senseless stories made up by others. Much like the Red Scare, individuals were accused and persecuted because they believed in rumors which were not true. The vast majority of the times, hysteria hits us hard and we forget how to deal with it, and turn on an convenient getaway. Miller uses Hale's change to demonstrate that people are willing to do anything to save themselves. Be that as it may, after they understand the results' outcome, they utilize reasoning and their temperament to settle on the right
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