Essay On Reverse Integration

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Reverse integration is a program that includes typically developing learners in a self-contained special education class (Perles,2012). It is a program also known as reverse inclusion was designed to foster positive support and interaction among typically-abled and disabled learners. Typically, this practice are being used to pre-school and kindergarten age in order to develop positive social culture among learners. Furthermore, the reverse integration is a program of interaction targeting academic and social goals for each learner (Baker,2015).

The social and academic benefits of inclusion of students with disabilities in regular classes have been well documented (Drasgow&Stoxen,2003). However, opportunities for inclusion are limited due to lack of qualified staff, developmentally appropriate activities and other difficulties in catering special needs in the general education setting. With these difficulties, many students with special learning needs are served in a self-contained class that allows them to interact with typically developing students through the establishment of reverse inclusion in the classroom setting (Schoger,2006).

The reverse inclusion is enshrined in the IDEA 2004 stating that students with disabilities have the right to a free and appropriate
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Some students have poor academic performance due to poor motivation in schooling. In addition, the students have a poor performance in major subjects of junior high which are Math, Science and English. Problems on cutting classes, records of having vices caught in school premises, non-attending school that caused poor academic performance. In addition, bullying among disabled and non-disabled peers were present in some classes. Aside from that, whenever taking exams and quizzes, they do not review and worst, they spend short time answering their examinations. Reflected on their scores are
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