Literature Review On Reverse Psychology

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This chapter presents the related literature and studies to determine the similarities and differences between the findings of past and present studies. This is important to provide a deeper understanding of other theoretical topics related to the main topic of the researchers’ main topic. The researchers conducted the review through scrutinizing 5 related topics; Brehm’s (1966) theory of reactance; the connection between reverse psychology and child discipline; how to effectively use reverse psychology; how does reverse psychology work and lastly the effects of using reverse psychology on children. The chapter concludes by affirming the possible effects when using reverse psychology to children.

Jack Brehm’s Theory of Reactance The related
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Knowing how to effectively use this technique can make disciplining simpler and easier. The researchers gathered different pieces of information from different sources; Bright Side said that this technique is more effective for those people who do not want their pride getting hurt or told what to do. The first thing you should keep in mind is to always stay calm when using reverse psychology to children. Insist an argument on the other person opposing what you want to achieve and make them think like they are just making their own decision. You can also use this technique as a challenge and make sure to sound convincing for it to become convincing. But avoid using reverse psychology in serious moments for it would not work if it is not used correctly, do not overuse this technique for it will make you look like a…show more content…
Reverse psychology can harm children if used incorrectly. Parents are known for the idea of reverse psychology with children. Reverse psychology is a form of discipline technique that is used often with other methods of disciplining children. However, not all parents are aware that they are using it incorrectly and implications that might affect their children while using reverse psychology. Some people do not realize that using reverse psychology is a technique of challenging a child and their ability to do a task. (TutorFi,

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