Reversity And Peace: The Importance Of Diversity In The World

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I once read somewhere that the present living population on earth is more than the combined population of all the people who had ever lived in history. I do not know if this is a fact or a mere speculation, but, no matter what the truth turns out to be, the current world population is enormous. It’s so huge that it exceeds 7 billion, thus, providing reason to believe that there are countless amounts of races, religions and ethnicity present in this world although there are only four major races amongst them. This undeniable fact gives us a picture of how diverse this world is, where all 196 countries in the world would have to have more than two race, religion and ethnic. All this knowledge brings to mind one simple and impactful statement. ‘Harmony within diversity must be nurtured and cherished’.…show more content…
Well firstly, harmony is vital in ensuring peace and preventing war, be it, within the country or between countries. Harmony is not easily earned as it is the product of every party giving in and practicing tolerance in their daily lives. Thus, harmony should be the ultimate motive of every world leader and citizen of this small, but, beautiful planet. As difficult as this is to achieve, I am proud to say that we live in a harmonious world. War has been cut down to a minimal and the world has become a ‘global village’ where a vast variety of people from different backgrounds and all walks of life meet without the feeling of estrangement and discrimination. This is because, as globalization takes place, racial integration is built up and social discrimination is torn down. It has become instinctual for us to live in harmony because peace has become a global

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