Review Of Chuckanut's Argumentative Essay

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Chuckanut Manor Seafood and Grill serves delicious takes on American classics in its cozy eatery, overlooking Samish Bay in Bellingham. A variety of freshly shucked raw oysters make for a great starter to your meal. A trio of beer battered halibut tacos topped with cucumber pico di gallo and a toasted cumin slaw and the dungeness crab and bay shrimp melt served on an English muffin and loaded with dill havarti, avocado, bacon and tomatoes are out-of-this-world hand held meals. Chuckanut Manor 's entrees, like the vegetable puff pastry stuffed with mushrooms, asparagus, pistachios, spinach, roasted tomato and gorgonzola and the flame broiled steak and frites topped with a mushroom demi-glace and gorgonzola, are truly decadent and satisfying.

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