Review Of Don T Sweat The Small Stuff By Richard Carlson

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Become and Anthropologist, by Richard Carlson is a wonderful segment from his book, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…its all Small Stuff, expressing how the true genuine attempt of anthropology creates vast changes in ones perception. Throughout this piece, the writer quickly explains what anthropology is and how becoming an anthropologist has presented a large impact on his life and his views. He began being a man with little to no patience, with a lack of respect for others views and beliefs’. In order for Carlson to change his ways of thinking he had to fully adapt to the process of anthropology and develop his compassion for those around him. He had to learn to replace all misconceived notions of others and replace them with kindness and the genuine interest. Throughout this journey he explains how he was able to become less discouraged, aggravated, and annoyed by the actions of others. In order for this to work he had to…show more content…
Through his diagram, it is easy to understand that without one, there wouldn’t if not couldn’t be another. There are layers of understanding and one must start with one aspect before proceeding into the next, more challenging heart of the culture. It begins with the outside circle, peoples’ behavior and demeanor. Once your able to understand why people act a certain way then you can see and understand more of their values. Not only does this provide an even greater understanding of their behavior, it also helps to assist in the simple understanding of people. After accepting the values then there is opportunity to see into belief systems and finishing in a worldwide view, all beginning with one individual. At the worldwide view, questions are then presented about all cultures and beings. By changing the worldview there begins some reflection to the other aspects of the diagram, beliefs, and
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