Review Of Donna Jo Napoli's Stones In Water

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“Never stop walking” Also he went on a trip from concentration camp to concentration camp, then he went to Russia and ended in Italy.Stones In Water by Donna Jo Napoli is Historical fiction. Roberto's character and attitude change in the process of the war. Roberto was trying not to get sidetracked on his journey from the ukrainian concentration camp to Italy. Also roberto is trying not to lose the hope in him because he knows that he will need to have faith to get to Italy.

Roberto is trying not to get sidetracked on his journey from ukrainian concentration camp to his home in Italy. Although he encounters most creatures that he was expecting to, the problems were brought upon him. One of the problems he faces is that his blanket falls off his back and it was like a needle in a haystack due to it being white.Then he sees a burrow and tries to see if there is food, but in
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Roberto grows anxious and strong willed. Due to wanting to go to Italy without any distractions and trying to avoid himself from losing hope. The characters traits of roberto are young, brave, mature, and accident prone. The lesson to be learned in the book is to never lose hope and to never give up on yourself or others.I connect Roberto with Anne Frank because they both survived the world war two. Also because they both had books made of them and they were both fictional. Anne Frank's Diary is related to Stones In Water by Donna Jo Napoli in many ways like both being overly dramatic and partially fake. Stones In Water is a book based on Guido Fullin or also know as Roberto he is a teenage boy who wants to escape the german concentration camps before he gets killed or cremated. He tries to escape the camp to get to his home in Italy because he misses his mother, father and his comfort without getting involved in the war but he does the opposite and basically runs into the danger without any thought of what awaits in his
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