Review Of Elie Wiesel's Book Night

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Did the Holocaust really happen?
How are the Nazi’s let alone anyone else capable of this amount of this amount of trouble? A lot of people don 't think that the holocaust even really happened, personally I believe that it did. There are many different reasons on why the holocaust supposedly never happened but the most consistent, well believed one is that no human being is capable of causing this much torture and pain onto another person. You have probably learnt about The Holocaust from either books or in your history classes in school, but what they probably didn 't tell you that some people believe that The Holocaust never even happen. But why would Elie Wiesel lie in the book “Night” telling the readers that all of these terrible things that are hard to even think about happening happened, just to make people believe that the Holocaust did
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In Elie 's book “Night” you get this feeling at the beginning that is hard to explain, you know something bad is going to happen even though you want to believe that it won’t be that horrific. I really truly believe that The Holocaust happened. After all of the things I have read in the book “Night” there is no way that it couldn’t be true. Between Eli saying they had to watch people, young children even hanged and the terrible conditions they had to travel in only the strong survived, leaving the rest of them to pass away leaving the families of the ones that passed away with false hope. If The Holocaust never happened why would Eli have wrote not only “Night” but so many other books about how terrible Germany and the surrounding countries were during this time? It makes no sense to lie about what happened during that time just to get people to believe you. If it wasn’t as bad as Eli and the other survivors had told then again why did they come back to fabricating the truth? No one in their right mind is going to say all of these terrible things had happened to them if they didn 't go through something this
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