Review Of Langston Hughes 'Poem Let America Be America Again'

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“Let America Be America Again” by Langston Hughes is a powerful poem that points out all of the struggles minority groups and lower-class people go through. Hughes believes that the American system is corrupted and unfair. He thinks that the businessmen are greedy, taking from the poor and giving to the wealthy. The American idea is something that is not real for many people because of their race, economic situation, and come up. In the opening of the poem, lines one through eighteen express how America is not how everyone had dreamed when first trying to establish it. When coming to America it was expected to be a new beginning, a place where people always dreamed of. “Let it be the pioneer on the plain seeking a home where he himself is…show more content…
It also states that even though the “superior” people bash on the minority’s dreams that they still keep the big dream in perspective. “The steel of freedom does not stain” (71).
Seventy-five through eighty-six is saying that America will redeem itself. It has not been what the big dream was, but it will change in the end. The promise and prosperity America held for its people is tarnished by racism. The “people” (82) refers to all the non-white races in America that struggled against the discrimination inflicted on them. These races must “redeem” (82) the “great green states” (85) because the greenness, or the purity and prosperity, has been corrupted by the racism of the white Americans. By redeeming the initial prosperity of the land for all who inhabit it, America would be the ideal “America” (86) again.
“Let America Be America Again”, is a poem that displays the hardships of the minorities in America. Hughes emphasizes on America not being what it was originally created for. The people of America who dreamed of having a free life is constantly treated like slaves. When Hughes wrote this poem he really tried to show everybody that America can be better and we can make it how it is supposed to
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