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In Nothing But The Truth by Avi Philip Malloy 9th grader hums/sings to the Star Spangled Banner recording in homeroom. Homeroom teacher Ms.Narwin follows the rules and the rule is or the recording is that you have to be silent. So after the second time of asking to stop, Philip gets sent out and refuses to apologize for being a ‘disturbance’ or according to Philip it was being patriotic. So it was either apologize and return to class, or get suspended. He chose suspension. And everything went on to reporters reporting teachers and principals and putting the title ‘Suspended For Patriotism’ in the News Paper. From there it when downhill for both Ms.Narwin and Philip at the end of the day. In this book there are many points of views and…show more content…
Ms.Stewart finally called Dr.Palleni and he lies and says he never suspended Philip for singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” and then Dr.Palleni refuses to talk to Ms.Stuart. The next person Ms.Stewart reports is Miss Narwin. Miss Narwin says that Philip was creating a disturbance in the class and there is a rule. Ms.Stewart goes on to say that Palleni says there is no such rule. Miss. Narwin like everyone else feels like they shouldn’t be talking about the situation and decides to end the conversation. Now everything escalates from there. The teacher and principals that were interviewed start asking each other questions and worry about the school board. Then form here an article in the Newspaper shows up and when everyone sees it a Pastor in a church brings it, and it goes on a radio station. The part from the article that the Radio Host Jake Barlow is the title “Kick Out Of School For Patriotism” and “A tenth grader was suspended from his local school because he sang ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ during the school’s morning exercises. The boy, Philip Malloy, who wished to sing in the spirit of patriotism, was then forced to remain home alone, since both of his parents work. English Teacher Margaret Narwin, who brought about the suspension, maintains the boy was making a nuisance of himself.” The people that call in to the radio station to give their opinion were totally on Jake’s side. Jake…show more content…
But his main concern is getting on the track team. When he asks Ms.Narwin for extra work to raise his grade he finds out that he was moved to Mr.Keegan’s class and she doesn’t want to be bothered by him any longer so she asks him to leave and so he does. Philip is no longer a trouble maker or a victim. He’s right in the middle. Philip at this point has no chances in raising his grade because he is no longer in Ms. Narwin’s class. So he can’t be in track, and obviously he’s going to be disappointed because he loves track. So when he gets home he’s sad and mad about it all so his parents are worried. At this point his parents think that maybe it’s time that they change his school. Philip writes in his diary on page 166 “things stink. And it’s all so unfair. Nobody takes my side. They all think Narwin is great. Nobody pays attention to what she did to me. Coach Jamison won’t let me on the team. I hate that school.”. Ms.Narwin gets a call from a reporter Robert Duval and he explains that he understands that the story doesn’t make so much sense and that he truly wants her side of the story because it’s almost all one sided. Ms.Narwin states that she had been thinking about resigning. Philip’s parents say that that they want to move him to his Aunt’s district to give off the stress he was giving out. In the end they both end up leaving the school to give off. When Philip goes to his new school he was

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