Review Of Related Literature On Harassment

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Review of Related Literature The Canadian Human Rights Commission (2013) defined harassment as a form of discrimination that involves any unwanted physical or verbal behavior that humiliates a person. Harassment occurs when someone threatens, intimidates, makes unwanted or undesirable comments or jokes about a persons’ religion, race, age, disability, sex and any other of the grounds of discrimination as well as making unwanted or undesirable physical contact such as touching, patting, pinching or punching, which can also be considered assault. According to the University of Exeter (2014) It could either be persistent, or a single occurrence. There are different types of Harassment. According to the London School of Economics and Political Science (2015), The types of harassment are wide-ranging and complex. Racial Harassment includes undesirable remarks or inappropriate questions regarding racial or ethnic origin. Personal Harassment includes making fun of personal backgrounds or appearance due to lack of tolerance of personal differences. There is also harassment on grounds of sexual orientation which includes include homophobic remarks or jokes, threats to disclose sexuality and intimate questions about sexual activity. Another form of harassment is harassment of disabled people which includes undermining the dignity of people with disabilities. Sexual Harassment, bullying and stalking are also considered as types of harassment. Sexual Harassment is

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