Review Of Scarseth's 'Of Mice And Men'

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In Scarseth's review he argues that, "Of Mice and Men," is a tragedy that teaches many valuable lessons. Scarseth states that, "Of Mice and Men," is a tragedy, literature is not always happy endings, and characters are limited but the world is more limited. That being said, I agree with how Scarseth sees the story and how he values his opinions as well of his further explanation.
In Scarseth's first paragraph he says that, "Of Mice and Men," was a tragedy in Aristotle and Shakespheres sense. For example, he states, "Shows humanity's achievement for greatness through and in spite of defeat." (Scarseth 1) Furthermore referring to, while you undergo greatness, there is always a downside. I completely agree with what he says here because although
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