Review Of The Omnivore's Dilemma By Michael Pollan

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Michael Pollan is a food researcher that is on a mission to become more knowledgeable about the food we eat. He is searching the four food chains. The food chains are local sustainable, industrial organic, industrial and Hunter-gatherer. Also because it’s organic and humanely slaughtered and it taste like chicken. I would like my family to be consumers of local sustainable. One reason I chose this food chain is that the animals in this food chain die in a more humane way. What I mean is i can see the animal die. As stated in the Novel The Omnivore 's Dilemma “ Meanwhile customers began picking up their chicken this was another reason Joel slaughter house has no wall. Polyface customers know to come after noon on a chicken day but there nothing to prevent then from showing up earlier and watching their chicken be their dinner.”(Pg179) This means anyone just can come to see Polyface chicken die. Also adding on it dies humanly. As stated in the text “ I…show more content…
After all some people may pick Industrial food chain because it cheaper and it quickly made .There are many health problem cause by eating Industrial food chain.Which medical checkup cost a lot. Also people may chose Industrial organic cause it say organic what people do not know is that the chicken are feed other animal waste. As well as some people pick hunter gather it not a good choice because you don 't know where the animal been and if it has a disease. I believe that local sustainable is the best choice for me and my family. In conclusion I picked local sustainable because it’s healthy. Also because the animal can roam around anywhere it may want to go to . There are no antibiotics injected in the animal. Everything is fertilized in a natural way by using animal waste,which contributes to the animal being unfearful. Also they are slaughtered quickly and they feel no pain. In Conclusion local sustainable is a good
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