Review Of This Fleeting World By David Christianity

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Since the dawn of humankind, historians are trying to piece out the gaps in history and explain how we got here based on the events of the past. Surprisingly, historian David Christian, author of This Fleeting World, summed up the astonishments and confusions of humanity in 113 pages. This short book, about world history, tells us about the prequel of the Universe (first 14 billion years of the earth without humans) to the modern era in history (how we are today). David’s goal is to provide an easy understanding of world history for students.
What to expect in this enticing book? This Fleeting World is comprised of a 7-page “Preface” (how to guide), notes of the publisher (1 page), intro (3 pages), 9-page “Prequel” (before the beginning),
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However, the Universe was insanely hot (billions of degrees), so it is bursting with energy. With that intense amount of energy, “...the Universe expanded explosively, perhaps faster than the speed of light.” Afterwards, the cooling Universe began a series of “phase changes.” During the first second of its existence, distant forces like electromagnetism and gravity forms. At first, the universe was so roughed that particles destroyed themselves, resulting in pure energy. The rate of expansion had slowed after the first second and it contains what we know today (Christian 2008, p. xxi). He kept the reading simple to its main points; he did not over complicate the book with rigorous details. This will help the reader to have an easier understanding of David’s how the universe started in the “Prequel.”
Secondly, Christian’s gives the “big picture” of history by separating them into three eras, Era of Foragers, Agrarian Era, and the Modern Era. His organizational skills are incredible. He followed the timeline in chronological order perfectly, so the reader will not get confused when they read the book. Furthermore, the author helped students by making a table throughout each era, so they can understand each key event. The
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