Review: Raisin In The Sun By Lorraine Hansberry

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LDC FINAL EASSSY MODLE #1 An person’s dream is everything for them . They set goals they try to succeed some have the will power to do everything it takes to achieve it . Most don’t have the guts to even try to even achieve it . Lorrine Hansberry “ raisin in the sun “ was a inspiring literature about a family living in Chicago facing conflicts with each other over 10,000 dollars of insurance money . They had different problems , but one in particular had caught my eye. Having a dream you want so bad and you crave it almost every single day , you’ll do anything for it? Mr. Walter lee younger had done what I just had mention in my previous sentence . he did just that and faced many upcoming problems . “ it’s just that he got his heart set on that store “ (Hansberry 41 )quoted Ruth Walter’s wife . This dream of his is the most simple one of…show more content…
“goodbye cracked walls “ ( Hansberry , 125 ) quoted Ruth . Small and stuffy houses were commonly known throughout the cities during the time period within segregated times. This time period could effect his dream he has . He was a chauffer for a white man , which stopped him filling is own dream . A man being African – American can completely could change everything . Back in this time it was hard for immigrants and black Americans was hard . if you weren’t white , it was not right .sadly for walter it he lived in Chicago . It was a hard time for any body that was any other race but white. In conclusion , Lorraine Hansberry “ raisin in the sun” many had faced problems of there own . Mainly Walter had more to do with a 10,000 dollars . even though the most of it was lost in the heat of the moment . If you where to chose between your dream or your family , which one would you chose
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