Revisionism In The Cold War

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For many years, The Cold War was the issue of a fierce debate regarding who or what exactly was the reason that caused it. On this subject, there are three schools of thought: the traditionalists, the revisionists and the post-revisionists. The traditionalists blame Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union’s expansionist and violent diplomacy for being the starters of the war. “Besides violating the agreements made at the Yalta Conference in February 1945, Stalin completely disregarded the United Nations because he intended to expand and dominate his sphere of influence in Eastern Europe.” (Nye 118). The revisionists kept insisting on blaming the American expansionism rather than the Soviet Union’s wish to spread communism into Eastern Europe. There are two levels to the revisionist school of opinion. Level one revisionist historians continue to stress the significance of the individuals concerned in the Cold War. “These argue that after FDR’s death in April 1945, policies towards the Soviet Union became a lot harsher once Truman took office.” (Nye 118). Level two revisionist historians such as William A. Williams, stress on the nature of American capitalism rather than individuals. They argue that the American economy “required expansionism, and that the United States planned to make the world safe, not for democracy, but for capitalism.”(Nye 119). Finally, rather than blaming either power for causing the war, the post-revisionists dispute that the Cold War was expected, or that
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