Revolt Of 1857 Essay

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REVOLT OF 1857 & THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA ACT 1858 SHREYA MENON BA0130056 TAMIL NADU NATIONAL LAW SCHOOL TIRUCHIRAPPALLI SUBMITED TO PROF. ANSHUMAN SINGH The Revolt of 1857, commonly called as the Sepoy Revolt, was the culmination of the manifold grievances that Indians had against the East India Company’s rule. It was the first organized revolt against British rule in India. The revolt was led by exiled princes and displaced landlords and although being a popular revolt, it failed due to lack of organized planning on the part of the rebels and superior strength of the British. This revolt was confined only to north and central India. This revolt conventionally been taken as the dividing point that marks the beginning of modern India.…show more content…
It was feared that the British would convert all the natives into Christians. There were many attacks by the Christian missionaries on the traditions and cultures followed by the Hindus and Muslims. Abolition of Sati, the legalization of widow remarriage, and the opening of Western education to women were a few. This deeply angered all the Indians. Discrimination was a way of life in the English East India Company’s army. The principle of equal pay for equal work or rank had no place. The English soldiers were paid and fed far more than the Indian Sepoys. The Indians were not given promotions and were repeatedly called names like ‘suar’ or ‘pig’. There were huge cuts in the salaries of all the Sepoys and they were forbidden from wearing their caste mark. All these factors put together created hatred among the Indians towards the East India Company. There was utter inequality and pathetic treatment of the Indians. The complete lack of support for the Company by the Indians and the utter chaos that the Company left behind made the British realize that the company was no longer benefitting the Crown. This led to a dynamic shift in the administration of the British in
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