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The book I read is called ‘Revolution’ by Jennifer Donnelly. The story takes place in Boston, Massachusetts and Paris, France. The setting is important to the story because Paris is where the French Revolution took place and it is the place where our main character starts changing. It is about a girl named Andi. She is a senior in highschool. She is a really unhappy girl at the beginning of the book. Her little brother, Truman died in a terrible tragic accident and her mom and dad got divorced and her mother is doing nothing but painting and she is slowly cluttering the house full of the paintings. All Andi mainly does is play guitar and get taught how to play guitar by her teacher, Nathan.
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Andi’s dad and G found a 200 year old heart and they believe it belongs to a royal boy. Andi is going to have to think of someone to research for her senior thesis. She later finds an old guitar and G allows her to have it. She takes strolls around paris and she went to a cafe called Remys. She meets a man named Virgil and a woman named Julia. Virgil is a hip hop artist and rapper. Andi gets kind of interested in Virgil and they become good friends. Andi finds out that her key on her ribbon opens up a secret compartment in her guitar case. It holds a picture of a boy of what everyone thinks is the boy that the 200 year old heart belongs to, newspapers about ‘The Green Man’ setting off fireworks in the cities, and a diary. Andi starts reading the diary on her spare time. It is about a girl named Alex. A boy named Louis-Charles has been locked up in a tower in Paris, France. It takes place at 1795, during the revolutionary war. She is posing as the ‘Green Man’ to help give the boy hope and to entertain him and to make him happy. A man named Orleans has made Alex his spy, after she got caught setting off fireworks. After Orleans gets executed, she tries to escape a bunch of times, because Paris is slowly falling apart. She later on gets shot and

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