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The election of 1800 was considered to be a turning point of the fate of the United States; therefore, it is often considered as the ‘Revolution of 1800.’ The rivalry for the leadership position of the United States was particularly very heated. Between Federalist John Adams and Republican Thomas Jefferson, to both Republican candidates of Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr; each candidate viciously fought for the right to claim the title.
In the United States prior to the election of 1800, George Washington, a federalist, ran the country. Washington established many new concepts to the country such as a cabinet of trusted advisors, a treaty of neutrality (because of the rivalry of the French and the British at that time), the limitation of only running to terms and a farewell address. Even though all of these fairly inventive
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Even though John Adams ended up losing the election to the Republican faction, Jefferson and Burr ended up tieing with the same exact number of votes. Even though both members were of the same faction, they both fought heavily for the title of president. Savage electoral ploys were implemented to try to take down the other candidate. Rumors were caused, as Burr ended up sabotaging Jefferson by saying he was rigging the votes for Virginia. Due to such an uproar, Jefferson ensured Burr received a unanimous vote in that particular state. The the newspaper had a great effect on the candidates as well, as many of them expressed their true (and sometimes vicious) opinions of each candidate. The newspaper was receiving more power at this time therefore intriguing readers and influencing opinions. Also, some of the candidates went out to polls and addressed crowds, much like today’s rallies. This also may have influenced people to vote of a particular candidate. At the end of it all, Jefferson beats Burr, leading him to his depressing

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