Revolution: The Effects Of The American Revolution

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A revolution is the bringing of a new start. Like many other revolutions throughout the years, the American Revolution is the perfect example of this. The effects of a revolution not only on the people but on society as well, can be detrimental. Many of these effects included closing the Boston harbor, passing the Intolerable Act, British government refused to address American complaints, and the colonists felt the British government was increasingly corrupt and autocratic empire in which their traditional liberties were threatened. During the American Revolution boycotts were a key example of the effects a revolution can have on its government. The king along with parliament believed they had the right to tax the colonies as a result of…show more content…
The Intolerable Acts imposed many this on colonist, for example. Boston harbor was shut till all tea was paid off. Colonist were affected by this in a big way. Many people who were not involved in the Boston Tea Party, had no way to get their goods that normally came in through the port. In response to the Intolerable Acts colonist along with the second continental congress adopted the Olive Branch Petition. The petition was the colonist last try to make peace with Britain without a full-out war. Parliament did not take the petition serious and angered the 13 colonies. This Affected the way colonist looked at British government. The people realized that the king did not care about them but alone what he could get from them. The American Revolution affected many people, in different ways. In addition to the Boston Tea Party, boycotts, and the passing of new laws by parliament are all significant effects of the Revolution. People under British government were effected the most by all the new laws being passed. Facing high taxation from parliament, Boston harbor was closed, and town meetings were banned. The colonists endured many hardships from British rule, hoping the king would come to his senses and see the effect his rule has on the
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