Revolution: The Positive Impact Of The American Revolution

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“Far too much value is placed on peace, stability and compliance with the surest path to greatness can only be found through rebellion”(Upland, Robbie). In order for nations to be transformed to gain their freedom and democracy, they must experience rebellion. A rebel is choosing to become an individual and refusing to follow a crowd that tries to prevent them from ever becoming an outcast. Why does the natural world thrive on rebellion? One of the strongest urges in human nature is to feel free. For innovation and advancement rebellion may be required. Rebellions should be against injustice and essentially for the benefit of the people rather than the noble or upper class. Era after era, and crisis after crisis, history shows us that uprisings and revolutions lead to a positive impact. Examples include the revolution in France after…show more content…
Finally, after 1789, the class system in France was declared equal. This mainly helped raise the middle class and appointed promotions on talent. Thanks to our enlightened thinkers, revolutionary ideals became the law. The Revolution created the concept of liberty, equality, and justice for all. Before the revolution, the clergies who oppressed the workers conquered land. The French Revolution brought change in the land occupation system. Everyone was encouraged to own land, and Church land was later sold to peasants. The positive effects of the American Revolution were very similar. After the Revolutionary War, the U.S gained its independence and democracy was able to develop. Rebellions and revolutions are often seen as chaos and disorder. But sometimes they are necessary to get our points across. A rebel may occasionally be misunderstood as the “corrupt individual”, but refusing to be a follower in something you do not believe to be true may lead us to succeed. The uprisings of any nation are a result of idle governments, which sooner or later had to suffer a few steps
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