Revolutionary America Research Paper

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America, the land of freedom, opportunity, and heroism. This is America, an unlikely country born of bravery and courage. It’s beginnings were humble and small, but like all valuable things that were meant to be, it grew, beginning with a few struggling colonies in the New World under the rule of Great Britain, to a thriving nation. After years of sickness, hunger, and overall hardship, the colonists stayed strong, and pressed forward. If they had not, they would not have been in the place to form this, the United States of America. And it needed to be done through the revolutionary war. It was a struggle, and to put it very bluntly, it was a miracle. The chances of success were very daunting and without essential and loyal leaders like Washington,…show more content…
Along with the miracle of the revolutionary war, the founding of America was no-doubt led by divine assistance. After the revolutionary war, many people suggested that Washington should be king of this new country. But, Washington politely refused because of his public interest and unselfishness, knowing that monarchies often lead to corruption by those lacking in selflessness and integrity. To avoid this, he and many other people organized this revolutionary country with checks and balances to keep the radical in place but allow needful changes to be made. The past is full of examples, good as well as bad. If one doesn’t learn from the mistakes of the past, one is doomed to repeat them. The actions and sentiments of history’s worst people such as anger, avariciousness, and selfishness are coming through subtly but surely today in many times and in unexpected places. But history also has granted us with many positive examples. Washington, Lincoln, and many others show us phenomenal examples of kindness, integrity, and unselfishness; attributes applicable to everyone, especially now at this point in
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