Revolutionary Dbq Analysis

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Was the Revolution Really Revolutionary? The Revolutionary War was truly, not revolutionary because the women did not get the rights they deserved until over 100 years later, slavery was not abolished and African Americans did not get rights until 1865 and 1965 respectively, and people who were poor had no more legislative representation after the “Revolution” that they did prior to this war. As seen in Document 7, during the Revolutionary War, Abigail Adams wrote a letter to her husband, John Adams, who had much political power and money asking him to “Remember the ladies” and be “more generous and favorable” to them. She also noted that the women “have no voice or representation” in the colonies and that it needs to change. This was in 1776. Almost 150 years later, Adams finally got her request. In 1920, an amendment was made to the Constitution allowing women the right to vote as seen in Document 8. Additionally, in 1819, a young African American wrote a speech, as seen in Document 6, where he proclaimed that he felt “insignificant and weak” because of his race and asks “where are my prospects?”. This was after the…show more content…
Yes, the Revolutionary War did cause a big change for some people’s daily lives in America, and yes, the 13 colonies did separate from Great Britain and become an independent nation, but for many, the war had little or no effect on their lives and rights. This war was not a “complete” change; it was a change for a group of certain people and only them. Women, African Americans, and people who were poor were not changed drastically by this war. They still faced the same circumstances and treatment by their society as they did before this war. Although, the colonies formed a new nation, the war truly, was not revolutionary for all. The American Revolution truly produced no big, permanent changes that affected and secured everyone’s rights and
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