Revolutionary Mothers Book Review

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Even though most history books have minimized women’s contributions to colonial society, Carol Berkin’s Revolutionary Mothers was able to vividly recreate the daily occurrences in women’s lives during the Revolutionary war. Berkin describes the roles of women through the eyes of the rich and poor, loyalist and patriot, and African and Indian women. The cover displays a gowned women clenching a rifle while overlooking the battlefield with nothing more but a solemn expression. As extrinsic as it may seem, it’s a good interpretation of just how much women were affected by the war and how influential they were in the shadows. Even the most pacifistic ladies became involved in the bloody battle in attempt to strive for the peace they loved. Carol Berkin was born on October 1, 1942 in the US. She became interested in history from a young age, stating that is was the “closest thing to time traveling” she…show more content…
It told realistic tales of the female’s role in the war, as important supporters. This book is “new” because Berkin wanted to gather the perspectives of women from all the different classes and race into a single collection. Other sources have had these stories separately, but by putting them all together, the reader can contrast the differences and similarities within one read. Berkin also goes in-depth about the events each women had to go through from different regions of the colonies and from different backgrounds. The author doesn’t hesitate to introduce ladies of different ideas and personalities. This book was quite fresh and the reader can really see all sides of a single picture. This book is told more of a chapter book than a textbook and would greatly appeal to students who want to learn more about colonial women of America. Even scholars and professionals in this area of study would enjoy the
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