The Revolutionary Road Analysis

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Achieving Perfection
Human beings have this innate drive to seek for a way in which they could comfortably live their drive. As the married couple April and Frank Wheelers in the movie "The Revolutionary Road" tried to make amendments for the betterment of their family 's way of living and ties with one another, they 've gone through process of rough and difficult times. They did not agree in most things, and Frank got into an alcoholic addiction while April had an abortion which had gone wrong that led to her death. This just shows the sad reality that people would risk so much of what they have, even their own life, just to become that ideal 'perfect family '.
Revolutionary Road is a satire drama centered on an American young couple with the husband acting as the breadwinner of the family and the wife as a typical housewife. While living with two young children in a town adjacent within distance from the city, they seemed perfectly fine with their life as if they are close to living perfectly, but the ugly truth is that it only appears to other people’s perspective. They are actually living with a very sad life which was emphasized by the proper music background and scenes. They are living their boring life at 115 Revolutionary Road-
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Later that evening, the Campbells laugh behind the Wheeler’s back because of the mindset that the wife should not be working while the husband is doing some leisure activities. In this story, we can see one of the negative things happening in the American society is how an average American family lives their lives. They live according to the notion that the husband should be the breadwinner of the family and the wife should become a housewife. In this particular notion, we can say that average American families cling to safety and security at any cost regardless of what they really want in
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