Revolutionary Spirit In The Colonies

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The revolutionary spirit started spreading throughout the colonies about a century before the actual American Revolutionary war. Many events contributed to the spark of revolutionary spirit within the colonist. The navigations Acts which began in 1651 were sets of rules and laws imposed throughout the colonies about trading with other nations. It was pretty much evident that trade with any other nation besides England (later known as great Britain 1707) was against the law. The acts were put in my place, not only to hurt the vastly growing Dutch carrying trade, but to ensure cargo shipment on English ships in order maximize and ensure trade directly out of England. The colonist were not in favor of these the navigation acts because it made everything a lot more expensive. It made export more expensive and the prices rose on imported goods for the colonist. The navigation acts sparked anger and a…show more content…
James II was a born and raised in France which was strictly catholic and where the King had absolute control over anything and everything. When he was brought to England to rule, the people saw him as a radical leader. He ignores parliament and made the country completely catholic and basically did what he wanted to do. England at the time did respect many religions throughout its people and when the King made decisions, they would have to go through parliament before they were finalized. The people saw this Leader come in and completely disregard all English customs and ways of government and viewed James II as a harsh and out of touch leader who pushed Catholicism onto England. The glorious revolution signified a key step into the idea democracy. It showed the colonist that a leader who they feel is corrupt or unfit can be replaced. Although this did not immediately make the colonies fight for independence from England, it did create a revolutionary spirit the
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