Revolutionary War Causes

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The Revolutionary War had many causes and was very complicated since it was slowly drawn out over many years before war was officially declared. America and England had been in conflict for many years before the war started, which contributes to why there are a vast number of causes. Until the war began, many were very opposed to the thought of war, but Britain’s actions slowly changed the minds of the people. Assumed British control and exaggerated military aggression over the colonies after over one hundred years of freedom while the British did not govern them sparked belief in independence from the king and a new strive for Liberty. The combination of Taxation without real representation, British Military aggression, and the aftermath of the British neglecting the colonies had the most impact on the start of the war, and without these causes, there may not have been a revolutionary war in America. Taxation without real representation resulted in the first rebellious acts from the colonists against the British. Some of these rebellious acts were The Boston Tea party, The Burning of the Gaspee, and the forming of the Continental Congress. The unfair taxes on the colonists angered the colonists because they were being taxed at increasingly high rates by the king that was supposed to be protecting them, which resulted in the colonists protesting against the unjust taxation. England was taxing the colonies in attempt to regain some of the money that they had lost in
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