Revolutionary War Confederation Pros And Cons

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To the population, war is when you are told what to fight for, and a revolution is when you decide for yourself. On April 19, 1775 was the day that America had decided for itself that we needed to be independent, the start of the American Revolution. The American revolution was over in about eight years. After the war Americans had decided to turn its focus inward and decide on what government they wanted and what America as a country would become. That is how the articles of confederation came to be on March 1, 1781 and of course like everything it had it’s pros, cons and results. One of the pros of having the articles of confederation because the articles allowed for the establishment of treaties and negotiation of peace. In 1783 was…show more content…
There was the problem that the articles wouldn’t be able to raise taxes. Which caused the inability to get the country out of debt which had came from the revolutionary war. Also the inconvenience of not being able to support any of the government projects, war, or sciences that the government chooses to fund. Congress couldn’t regulate trade, this could cause many issues among the colonies. Such as trading with countries in which other colonies do not like or have issues with could cause trade to stop between those two colonies or multiple colonies. Another thing that is important within the Articles of confederation is that laws could be passed by 9/13 states. That sounds fine and dandy but the story behind that makes it seem like it was pointless and unfair. There was resistance for ratification of the Articles of Confederation from New York, Pennsylvania,Virginia and Rhode island which had gotten the nickname “rouge island” because of all the resistance the continental congress had encountered from Rhode island. If you do some simple math the only states that needed to approve it were the ones who didn’t offer resistance to the Articles and wanted a new government. Another silly thing all the founding fathers missed in the Articles is that the continental congress couldn’t enforce any laws. Which in so many words meant that congress could make all the laws they wanted but none of the states had to follow it due to the state government having much more power than the federal government. All the flaws in the Articles in confederation had made many things happen such as Shay’s rebellion and of course the adaptation of our new government which took ten months for the first nine states to ratify the rest of course came one by
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