Revolutionary War Dbq

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Before The War The Revolutionary War was the war that changed the 13 colonies greatly. It made the colonies turn independent and turn to their own country. There were a lot of events that led up to the Revolutionary War though. That included The French And Indian War, taxes and acts, and the organizations and important events that the colonists did to protest to the British. The French And Indian War was the first event that led up to the Revolutionary War. Many European countries were claiming land in North America. The French and the British both wanted Ohio Valley and other places that weren’t clearly confirmed of whose land it belonged to. They started fighting over it. This caused the French And Indian War. The war started in 1754. The …show more content…

It was called the sugar act. Then, Parliament passed the stamp act, which the colonists hated even more. They burned stamps. British got annoyed and passed more taxes, like the Townshend act. The colonist were know boycotting them and were protesting so much that all of the taxes and acts were overturned. The colonists were not only angry because of the taxes. They had no power to represent to British that they did not like the taxes. They adapted a saying (“No taxation without representation”) to say that the British can not tax without …show more content…

The tea act taxed the colonists on tea and enabled British merchants to sell tea in better prices. Once, a secret organization that hated British law went out in the night, dressed up as Indians, threw many boxes of British tea down the Boston Harbor. This event was called the Boston Tea Party. The colonists now felt that they wanted to get away of British law and turn to an independent country. The British were very angry at the colonists and wanted to punish them. To also express their hatred to the taxes and acts, the colonists did harsh things to the tax collectors that were in the colonies. One of the things they did was tarring and feathering them. That means to pour hot tar on the person and put feathers on the hot tarr. The person was taunted and laughed at. They also burned and sacked tax collector’s homes. The colonists rioted and caused fights with British soldiers or guards, who were stationed in the colonies. One time, they went too far, and threw rocks and snowballs at the soldiers. The soldiers opened fire, killing five people in the area. The riot was called the Bloody Massacre, later known as the Boston Massacre. The colonists also developed secret organizations that talked about plans to protest and make colonist in patriots. One of the organizations were the Sons Of LIberty, who caused the Boston Tea Party and other things that angered the

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