Revolutionary War Diary Report

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It 's been a 5 months since the attack on New York. I barely made it out of there alive. I went into the battle nervous but excited my friends by my side Arnold Pennywise, and George Cream. We were ready to face the battle head on. We did not expect them to be so many. I don’t even know if Arnold and George survived it was a massacre. The first five minutes into the battle we we getting slaughtered. By the end of the battle I had lost site of George and Arnold. I was shot in the leg and was crawling to get away. If it wasn’t for this nice family that took me in I know i would have died. A month later I was healed and back with the Continental army. I’ve been training ever since. But now we are going into the battle of Trenton. I was freezing cold. I didn 't even know at time that it was Christmas. Commander George had me and a group of soldiers go into camp to spy.

It was almost unbelievable how easy it was to get in. Everyone was partying. We reported to Commander George Washington. I told him about how they all parting and
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I’ve been fighting on and off. We just got word that Burgoyne and evil commander was trying to make his way into Saratoga Springs. It was almost funny. He was going into a place filled with rebel troops and he knew it. I was hiding in the woods right next to his army’s camp. I’ve been assigned to be a spy. I’ve been spying on Burgoyne generals for almost a month. The soldiers in camp we so vial. The worse one was Benedict Arnold. He was the most vial man i’ve ever seen. He always had a evil smirk on his face, the worst thing of all that he was a traitor. Whenever I see him my blood boils. I wish I could do more but I have strict orders to just watch and report. It was a normal evening I watched and was about to go back to camp but then I heard a rushing in bush next to me. My heart starts beating twice as fast, the sweat on my face felt like bullets. I make my way over to
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