Revolutionary War: How Democratic Was Andrew Jackson?

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How Democratic Was Andrew Jackson? He went from being captured and brutally wounded by a British officer when he enlisted in the revolutionary war at 13 to becoming a president of the United States in 1839 (to 1837) with two terms. Can you guess who that is? If you thought Andrew Jackson, you are correct! Andrew 's father died a few days after Andrew 's birth and his mother died shortly after he returned from the revolutionary war, left to confront the world on his own. It took until he was 17 for him to improve his self-discipline and he began to study law. During the year he turned 29 he was elected for both Tennessee 's first representative in the U.S. house of representatives and elected for the U.S. Senate. He was considered a hero to…show more content…
During most of his adult life, Andrew jackson was a slaveholder. and the amount of slaves he owned increased over time. He was strongly against abolitionists who wanted to see the end of slavery. He feared they would lead to sectional conflict, possible disunion and slave revolts. That made him think that they would want a dictator to restore order, making democracy dead. To make people think he was a, somewhat, abolitionist. Lyncoya, his adopted son, was one of the many captured children from Tallahatchie. Jackson wanted Lyncoya to get educated at West Point but he died of tuberculosis at age 14 in 1827. though he may have cared for him, Andre didn’t seem to care for any other slaves. Between 1794 and 1820 he owned just about 40 slaves. By 1829, the amount of slaves he held was more that doubled the amount he had in 1820. By the mid 1830’s he owned around 140 slaves. He treated his slaves like they were...well...slaves, but more cruel than any other master. Owning that many slaves in one lifetime is just as cruel and lazy of him as anything/anyone else can be.He didn’t see the damage in owning another human being based on the color of their skin. Tell me what can possibly seem, even a tiny bit, democratic about that! Tongue tied? I bet. In conclusion,I believe that Andrew Jackson is not democratic. You may have read about how he was a very popular president and how he had 2 terms of presidency,how he is on our twenty dollar bill,etc, but no matter what good he did, his bad history will always have a black mark on his image. He acted more like a king than a president, he made his own rules and manipulated people to get what he wanted. In his whole lifetime, he had, obviously, done way more dictation than
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