Revolutionary War: The Most Influential Events In History

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There were many influential events in history. I researched each topic thoroughly and picked the one I felt was the most important. The sweet sixteen had many difficult choices to choose between. Between the battles of Yorktown and appomattox I choose the battle of Yorktown. I choose Yorktown over Appomattox because I feel like it was the start of our new country. The colonists are now free from Britain and everything with it. Although the civil war was very important because it ended slavery, freedom impacted us more. We even influenced another country, France, they had the french revolution. The american revolution had a huge impact on our country and other countries today. Between Pangea and Spanish Armada I think the Spanish Armada was…show more content…
I believe that the treaty of paris was the most influential because America had independence. The treaty of Ghent just ended the war of 1812, there was nothing important for america attached to it. For example, the treaty of paris claimed independence. The treaty of Ghent, in my opinion, was irrelevant in history because it was just stolen land given back. Also, there were many questions left unanswered with the treaty of Ghent. The french revolution was more influential than the war of 1812. The French people were able to overthrow their king and start their own government. It impacted a whole country. The War of 1812 was a war between British and America. The French revolution was actually inspired by the war of 1812. The french were fighting for a change, the war of 1812 was a problem involving trade and land. Fighting for a change is more influential because it changes everything in a…show more content…
The reason behind this is because our government was formed at the convention. The same one we have today, with 3 branches. The bill of rights was also influential but forming our government has a bigger impact because the government is more powerful than rights written down. The louisiana purchase had a huge impact on our country. We gained middle america from France for not a lot of money for anchors. Today it would cost so much more for that much land. It also impacted the English because they were enemies with France and France sold it to America. This made Britain jealous and angry. Town meetings only took place in towns and we didn't gain as much from it. The LA purchase let us gain a lot of land. The underground railroad and and Abolition court house both were very influential. The underground railroad was more influential because there was so much History with it that still stands today. For example houses that held slaves and secret routes. The abolition courthouse was a quick event, the underground railroad lasted for
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