Revolutionary War Vs Vietnam War Essay

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It is quite difficult to compare two wars that happened 180 years apart from each other, the Vietnam war 1955 to 1975, and the American Revolutionary war 1775 to 1783. Yes, both wars are all that different from each other, in fact I would say that they were the two least similar wars in American history. These wars are very similar because they both used guerilla warfare, a form of irregular warfare that uses tactics such as ambushes, sabotage, raids, and mobility to fight a larger less mobile military force. However a major difference in the wars was that the Revolutionary war was fought to gain independence, while the Vietnam war was fought to maintain independence. Another difference is that the U.S. were ‘Victors’ in the Revolutionary war, and were not so in the Vietnam war. The Vietnam war was preceded by a very turbulent time in our history with problems here in the states such as racism, women’s rights, and a president being shot. But in Vietnam they were going through a civil war, which they had done before, but not to this extent, this time they got the U.S.S.R. involved. It was communist Russia and North Vietnam against South Vietnam. The U.S. started to get …show more content…

Citizens in the Revolutionary war period use Guerrilla warfare more so than militiamen, a well known example of this is the Boston Massacre in which 5 Boston Colonists were fatally shot, but it worked out, because british Captain Thomas Preston was arrested. After, the British militia had nobody to fill his spot. An example in Vietnam was Ho Chi Minh in December of 1965 ordering a change in the way the war in the south was to be fought. From that point on they would avoid pitched battles with the Americans and unless the odds were clearly in their favour, they would otherwise focus on hit and run

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