Causes Of Revolution Essay

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Aristotle have explained revolution well. He has given a broad meaning to the term “revolution”. For him, revolution means two things- first, is that it implies either minor or major change in the constitution such as change in the different types of the government. Second is, the change in the ruling even if it did not lead to a change in the government or constitution. Inequality causes revolution. Whenever desire kicks in, that is when inequality starts to rise. Revolutions are results of imbalances between the people and the state. People who revolt has motives, the have desires which they wanted to fulfill through revolution. According to Aristotle, the causes of revolutions are fear, social maltreatment, inequality, superiority, contempt,…show more content…
Awareness plays a huge role in my decision for it is the thing that ignites my decision on whether to join or not. I believe that if we are all aware with our surroundings, it helps us decide better. The youths being politically aware is a good thing because out eyes are already open to the injustices that we might be facing right now. I also believe that what is happening in the present is responsible for the possible future outcomes. I think that revolution is a way for our voices to be heard. A way of voicing out opinions which the government failed to see because they are too busy with hearing only the voices of the authorities or those who have the power to control. It is a way to alarm the government that we are not satisfied with what they are doing. For me, to participate in revolts is something beneficial not only to me but also to the citizens of the country. I think revolutions are nice because a sense of unity for what we want is clearly seen. One objective of revolt, i think is to gain honor. I don’t think that revolution is a form of rebellion because I strongly believe that those who take part int evolution are driven by reasons. They would not revolt if they have no reason to. If a government is doing its job properly then there would be no reason for citizens to
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