Reward And Recognition Reflection Paper

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Customer service is a critical component for companies. Usually it decides on whether the company will perform to its standards or fail. It is even more essential in the economic downturn. The customer service employee plays a critical role in customer service success. The employee is the frontline, point of contact and the face or voice of the company. How the employee feels about their job and their role in the company will be communicated indirectly through the level of service they are providing customers. Management’s top priority is attracting and retaining top performing customer service employees. Reward and recognition programs factor greatly in this challenge. Employees who are satisfied with their company’s reward and recognition…show more content…
These five days were not including the five sick days each employee was allowed. This reward was not a paid reward. This was very motivational because we were thinking of the employees as humans not as machines. We were thinking of their wellbeing. This made the employee value the work he was doing hence creating value for the company. We were investing in our staff hence we had less turnover. In my opinion reward and recognition programs can be improved by creating a performance measurement framework which measures the impact of your reward and recognition program hence letting us know if the award has motivated or helped in any way. The next stage would be to conduct surveys so we gain qualitative feedback from employees. Also have focused group discussion and feedback sessions with employees which will help us understand what the employee feels and how we can motivate them further. We need to understand by investing now we are investing for the future of the
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