Reward Management Case Study

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Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1 About the research The research aims to study the impact of reward management on employee high performance in an organization. In particular it aims to examine the correlation between reward and performance using Royal Serve Wireless Telecom Nigeria Ltd as case study. In other words the focus of the study also encompasses the effective management of human resources in an organization for the achievement of the organization’s goal and objectives. According to Okioga (2012), the ability of an organization to successfully achieve its aims and objectives within the specified time frame is hinged on individuals, materials and finance hence the smooth running of the business is gained by the appropriate management of…show more content…
In other words the research’s aim is to access the relationship between lofty performance or effectiveness and reward management within the organization. Consequently, the research aims to examine to what extent if any does reward management lead to employee high performance. Clearly the report seeks to ascertain the correlation between reward and employee high performance. The research objectives listed below will support the accomplishment of the overall aim and objective of the research. 1. To review and analyze on hand theories and literatures with respect to Reward Management so as to critically explain its theoretical framework and foundations. 2. To examine if psychological biases or subjective judgment exist among managers in the implementation of reward that is capable of affecting high performance of employee. 3. To critically analyze the effectiveness of reward management with respect to high performance of employee 4. To evaluate and also assess the experience Royal Serve Wireless Telecom Nigeria Ltd in practice of reward management…show more content…
In addition the ability to determine how much influence reward in relation to high performance will be limited as well. The result of objective 1 and 2 above will ascertain the effectiveness of reward management in the light of high performance of employee. In addition from the experience of Royal Serve Wireless Telecom Nigeria Ltd as well as literature review we can also ascertain whether or not reward management is a strategy for employee high performance at

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