Reward System Examples

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When a mom or a dad promises a Nintendo 3DS to his/her child if he/she gets a good grade, the child gets motivated and works hard to earn good grades. This is one example of the reward system. In this generation, parents reward their students for “good” behavior so often that this practice is beginning to be questioned. Reward can be in any form like toys, gadgets, and money. Money is most desired among high school and college students who are in school. The application of this reward system is popular in scholastic concerns especially as to avoid the proliferation of low grades among students. If parents pay their high school students for good grades, the students won’t only earn good grades but also acquire more good grades, money management…show more content…
If they are paid for better grades, they will do their best to do better in school like organizing their time and responsibilities well, knowing their priorities, and interacting with their teachers more. When money motivates the students to study harder, they would acquire higher grades. The higher grades and the more achievements they garner, the more they are motivated to do even better, knowing that working hard, disciplining oneself, and making good choices does have its rewards. There is actually a psychological phenomenon called Operant Conditioning which tackles on how to strengthen a behavior by reinforcement. It was originally a study about animal behavior and now, it is applied to human beings according to their natural instincts (Macapagal & Teh, General Psychology, 2008, pp. 149-150). One of the foundations of Operant Conditioning was Thorndike’s famous Law of Effect that states, “Of several responses made to the same situation, those accompanied or closely followed by satisfaction to the animal will, other things being equal, be more firmly connected with the situation so that when the situation recurs, the same responses will be more likely to recur (Thorndike, 1911, as cited in Leahey & Harris, pp.…show more content…
When it comes to earning money, students would soon be able to manage whatever amount of money they have in store and practice practicality. Students will learn responsibility and the value of money; rather than always begging their parents for toys and whatnots they want. Not only would be able to earn money, they would also be able to save it for future purposes, especially for good quality college education. The more they earn, the more they’ll learn money management, so the more they’ll know how to handle their own money in the future. Adequate money management skills are a vital component to success as an adult and something that parents can instill in their children so they can benefit them for the rest of their lives
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