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Representing Flanagan High School at the HOBY State Leadership Seminar for Outstanding Sophomores would be a great honor. I believe that representing Flanagan would be an amazing opportunity to meet other driven sophomores like myself. I also hope that I would learn new ways to become a better leader, and student, who juggles many other responsibilities. B) There are so many challenges that must be faced when you want to be successful. Nothing good or worthwhile will come easy, and I have learned that you will only get the results you desire, if you put in the work required. Every rewarding moment in my life followed sacrifices, restless nights, and a few moments of self-doubt but if there’s one thing that a great leader should posses, is…show more content…
For instance, I feel great sense of pride when I reflect on my years of leading a Relay For Life. Knowing that my team has fundraised over $10,000 in 5 years, and was the first team in Pembroke Pines to raise $1,000 this year, gives me a feeling of satisfaction, because I know that the work my team and I are doing is making a difference. Another rewarding aspect to being a leader, is helping someone achieve his or her goals. For example, helping teach the beautiful game of water polo to my friends interested in playing for Flanagan, is often the highlight of my day. Last year, I had no experience in the water at all, but with the help of the seniors on the team then, I was able to improve and become a much better athlete. I would like to return the favor by offering the same help and guidance to new players, that the team leaders did before me. All in all, being a leader is a large part of my life and it has taught me many things. Things like setting an example and staying dedicated come with being a leader. Even though having these responsibilities has its pros and cons, I will continue to strive to lead well in everything I
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