Rex Nettleford's Contribution To Society

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Rex Nettleford was born in 1933 and lived as a prominent Jamaican Sociologist, dancer and choreographer who went by the motto “Life is long distance running, not sprinting.” This synopsis will highlight key points of Rex Nettleford’s contribution to society and examine why they are still relevant in today’s modern Caribbean society.

Rex Nettleford had concepts regarding culture and the Caribbean especially how our African Culture impacted the Caribbean on a whole. In his Role as Vice Chancellor Emeritus of University of the West Indies (UWI), he was responsible for the 1996 introduction of Cultural studies. Mr. Nettleford believed in order to achieve excellence; individuals had to apply themselves professionally. During his active years, Mr. Nettleford contributed immensely to Caribbean Culture starting with his work as co-author of the study on the ‘Rastafari Movement’ and his role as co-founder of the National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica. This later led to the incorporation of Jamaican music and dance into the curricula of the University of the West Indies. One of Mr. Nettleford’s most significant contributions to society was his role in the establishment of the Trade Union Educational Institution. During its early development the school catered to industrial relations practitioners from; the Government, Employers and Trade Unions. The school was established with the intent to train trade unionist from the wider Caribbean.

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