Rex Tillerson's Accomplishments

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Growing up, we were all taught not to play with fire because, “It’s dangerous and it will burn you,” our parents said. But no one learns by simply listening; at some point we all touched the stove or campfire, got burned, and effectively never did that again. America is playing with fire now as Rex Tillerson follows President Trump down a path of destruction and bridge burning. The President is setting things ablaze all over the world and the secretary of state must be qualified to quench those flames without getting burned, but can Tillerson do it? Rex Tillerson is nowhere near qualified to be Americas’ secretary of state at this time because he has no political experience, no voice, and is not independent from the President. Tillerson should never have been confirmed because he does not have the knowledge or power to control the flames President Trump has, is, and will lite, that will scorch and scar America forever.…show more content…
President trump is one of the few businessmen elected to be president and he is surrounding himself with people just like him. Tillerson, as we know, was the CEO of Exxonmobil, one of the largest American multinational oil and gas corporations. Through his business experience he has connected with many countries around the world, which seems like a good reason for him to be in this position. However, he has only dealt with those foreign affairs based on business interests and has not shown that he can uphold the interests of the American people as a
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