Reyes Family Day Care Case Study

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CCIB received a SCAR/CPS referral #0306-4829-5973-3020047. The reporting party (RP) Ashley Shinn reports her son, Aedan Shinn (DOB: 01/10/12), attends the Reyes family Day Care Monday thru Friday. RP reports a couple of months ago, her son attempted to tell her how the licensee disciplines the children when they are not asleep during their nap time. RP states Aedan at first was going to tell her, but then said he would get in trouble for being bad. As recently as yesterday, Aedan finally disclosed to the RP that licensee when checking in on the children taking a nap and notices the children not sleep with their eyes closed she will hit them on top of the head with a closed fist. The RP states licensee cares for at least 5 or 6 kids including
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