Reyn Spooner Case Study

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Reyn Spooner Reyn Spooner is a leading American fashion design company introduced in the year 1956 by Reyn McCullough, in affiliation with Ruth Spooner. The company was initially named Reyns Men 's wear on the island of Catalina founded by Reyn McCullough, who sought to restore the then tacky and poorly-fitting Hawaiian shirts with an extra stylish replacement for professional and informal wear. At Reyn Spooner, it got its insight from its island lifestyle — A life that’s intensely rooted in traditions from across the Pacific. Every piece it makes is designed with Aloha in Hawaii and showcases the history, people, nature and spirit of its varied heritage. From the year 1956, it is using unique designs, private archival prints and works of renowned artists to craft limited release apparel like its prominent reverse-print Aloha shirts that induce Hawaiian Heritage, but transcends its islands. They celebrate the pleasures and passions of life with refined retrain. They speak to a slower, more relaxed lifestyle. Facts about Reyn Spooner In 1956, Ruth Spooner had founded Spooner’s of Waikiki and rapidly made a status in Hawaii for manufacturing excellent surf trunks. With just one sewing machine the custom swimwear became known for its exceptional construction. In the year 1962, Reyn McCullough partnered with Ruth Spooner to guarantee reliable quality and resolute to combine the two company names to launch Reyn Spooner in Honolulu. Reyn started to work on something that

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