The Distance Between Us Analysis

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Women in the United States has come a long bumpy ride to get the equal rights as their counter partner, the men. One particular accomplishment was recognizing American female authors, in specific, Mexican-American female authors. The richness of Mexican literature expands to novels, memoirs, short essays, poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and so much more. Mexican literature includes many genres, but a distinct theme that focuses on the personal aspects of Mexican-Americans are genres that centers around the culture. The Distance Between Us, is a 2012 memoir of the iconic contemporary female Mexican-American author Reyna Grande. The memoir centralizes on the life and perspective of young Reyna watching her family drift apart from one another, and how she perseveres through tough situations. By reading through the eyes of a female, the readers are able to understand the innocence of a young girl, to watching her grow up to become a mature woman with values in comparison to her mother.
Each female character represents different values of showcasing a strong female character. A prominent character that best
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Grande fully realized her potential in writing due to teacher, who would later become someone Grande could confide in, commented how good she was in writing, “When she handed me back my paper, I felt different. With those words, it was as if she had opened my eyes to something I could not yet see” (Grande, 2012, 300). Without the small push by her teacher or Diana, Grande would not have the support she needed to continue her education at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The perspective of Grande displayed a young girl who learned to become independent for herself and in the end, she was able to accomplish the goal of getting an
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