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UC Supplemental Personal Statement My main goal for studying in UCLA is to study, and also to meet other people who share common interest as me, so that I could exchange information to learn more about what I wish to be. My goal is to become a film/ video game scorer and I know that LA is the mainstream in both the movies and the games. By being there I could be able to meet many people who then I can make connections with, which will allow me to have more chance at finding the job as a film or game music composer. But, to be able to compose, I need my skill in music composition and theory down so that I can make music that is fitting to the scenario given. I might know some basic pop, classical, jazz etc. but I must learn more genres of…show more content…
The main reason is stated above, to meet and connect with people. I firmly believe that connections are a very important part of being a composer for film and game, and it is necessary to have the skill set of befriending people as your companion. It is a win-win situation for the club members and me. If I get to meet someone outside the club, who actually works at the scene, I can introduce him/her to the club, where we share our information. Not only that, we can teach each other what we lack at. But also, we can share information that is not necessarily music, but a hobby, something that can be enjoyed to enhance my stay in the college. All in all, I do feel that it is necessary (and something I do enjoy) to study music while I am in UCLA, for that is the reason why I am applying to the school. UCLA is a school that has a very strong composition program, and the only school that actually has a composition major. I feel strongly towards this, and very happy that I could actually study composition rather than just “Music” major from other school. It is something that I know that I can not only learn greatly from but also excel at. I am confident that I will do my utmost best to become a fine composer for the future career but also for
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