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#1. How does a proposal differ for a PR agency vs. a corporate PR dept? If you had to write a proposal in response to an RFP, how would you decide what to include?

Part One: PR Agency vs Corporate PR Dept Proposal

A proposal, whether it is for a PR Agency or a Corporate PR department, has two main goals. Firstly, a proposal presents new PR initiatives to management for approval. Secondly, it helps to increase an organization’s or client’s support or funding from an outside organization. It is a management technique that is responsible for the pitch of new services, programs, or policies. However, there are differences in presentation and content when writing a proposal for a PR agency or a Corporate PR department. A proposal for a PR
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A typical PR proposal includes a list and description of the company and their capabilities, the clientele situation, key objectives and goals of the proposed program, a strategic plan, a general overview of a timeline for the project, a proposed budget and breakdown of the budget, how the success of the proposed plan will be measured, an overview and description of the team handling the project, and a summary of why the firm should be selected to implement this specific program. When responding to an RFP, a firm must highlight its strong areas of expertise that are unique to their competitors and how their proposed plan will be the most effective and cost-efficient for the organization. When choosing what to include in the RFP and to strengthen the points mentioned above, the firm must look into the history of the organization hiring them, what has worked or failed for them in the past, and base a strategic plan for implementation that highlights the organization and their clients’…show more content…
Any student, male or female, at any age should be educated on the risks and dangers of date rape. In response to the RFP, I would suggest the PRSSA chapter at Temple to stress the necessity of students and faculty knowing what can be done to prevent date rape and what should be done if a person has been violated. In order to prevent date rape, I would suggest in the proposal the need for increased campus safety throughout the Temple area. As students progressively move further off campus, additional measures need to be taken to ensure student safety throughout these areas. I would suggest an increase and expansion of bike security and Temple police surveillance and to have more police alert stations inserted on and off
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