Rhabdomyolysis Research Paper

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Rhabdomyolysis: an imbalance of toxins in blood due to the breakdown on skeletal muscle, could be just that. This disease can affect athletes of all ages and has devastating consequences. When, for instance a wrestler is hit hard on the mat and he injures a muscle, we normally wait for a bruise to arise and figure it will be gone quite soon. This impact on the muscle can actually lead to muscle damage or muscle death. The death of skeletal muscle tissue can leak poisonous intramuscular toxins such as myoglobin and creatine kinase (CK) into the blood stream and have you in the hospital within hours (Torres 2015). You at first, may think you are just tired after a hard hit , yet the swelling and weakness of limbs is much more dangerous than…show more content…
Also, a brown or tea colored urine can indicate that there is a larger amount of toxins in the blood such as myoglobin and CK which leads to rhabdomyolysis. When seeing by a physician, they may also ask if you have had a decreased amount of urine produced as well as muscle weakness and stiffness. These all are signs that point to rhabdomyolysis of the skeletal muscle. Tests that can be done to see if it is in fact rhabdomyolysis extend from testing the amount of CK in the blood as well as the levels of serum calcium and even urine myoglobin tests. A Urinalysis can also be used to see if you are effected by the disease. So what exactly is rhabdomyolysis? It is an imbalance in the muscle that happens when the muscle tissue of an affected area breaks down quickly, which can release its toxins into your blood stream. This can be caused by a hard hit to a muscle, causing muscle injury, as well as from the use of certain narcotics and even severe dehydration (Cervellin 2010). As learned in the course muscles are composed of sarcolemma which is the membrane that is composed of many Na+, K+ and Na+, CA+ channels that when a muscle is injured , stop functioning
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