Rhadia Ecological Model Essay

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Rhadia left her own country to find a safe place where it can provide the protection needed. The Ecological Model that impacted on Rhadia’s situation is the Microsystem area of study. This is because Microsystem contributes to the intermediate of family and friends. These factors are an essential part of Rhadia’s journey. Generally, Rhadia mentions that she misses all of them terribly.

According to Benson (2015), first government that studied to follow the new wave of humanitarian ¬migrants demonstrates that more than 90% of surveyed refugees had failed to find a job. Benson (2015) demonstrates this cause of a barrier is the fail to write or speak English. The social difficulties the refugee’s faces are enormous as stated by (Benson, 2015). As his studies show that almost half they reported had never had a job in their lives, and 15% was hard for them to attend school in their country. Benson (2015) stated that almost 40% reported not understanding or speaking English. Numerous refugees arriving in Australia with little to no speaking English is an essential barrier that many refugees face. As the ‘Newly-resettled Refugees unable to find work’, report finds that many refugees have suffered psychological problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder and near to 40% said that their health was fair or becoming worse. This means that refugees need the support to find a solution to tackle their issue of writing and speaking English.
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Throughout Rhadia’s journey, she has encountered the harsh side of life at a young age. Refugees need the protection and support to overcome their anxiety through the settling in a new country. Also, refugees may need the motivation to tackle the obstacle of learning the English language. Lastly, refugees need to feel worthy and safe when migrating in a new nation as they have come from a long terrifying
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