Rhapsody Compare And Contrast

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Welcome to the black parade and Bohemian Rhapsody My Chemical Romance and Queen have their share of differences, but it is not about the artist but about the meaning of the song. Welcome to the Black Parade and Rhapsody is somewhat different and I can assure you that you have already seen some polarity just from looking at the song titles. Although in all honesty they are not that different, and I will show just how similar they really are, along with their disparities. In both songs, they change tempos or speed, and sounds throughout, Black Parade changing four times and Bohemian, four. In Welcome to the Black Parade, the tempo is two by four, meanwhile Rhapsody, is four by eight, separate time signatures. Welcome to the Black Parade has four unique sections as most rock operas do, and these include tempo change, and key change, and most times what it sounds like. Rhapsody does this as well,…show more content…
My Chemical Romance is more on the punk rock side and influenced by post-hardcore music, and elements of that music can be found in their song, while on the other hand Queen is considered classic rock or the beginning of heavy metal. Both of these songs inspired a new generation of musicians and were very influential in their own ways. way but may have slightly altered views on topics. The topic that was basically compared and contrasted was death, and how they both viewed the topic. Surprisingly, both aren’t really different, the music has nothing to do with the artist but the song and its meaning. All of this can be felt through the instruments and lyrics. Although songs can have different styles and looks, in the end the meaning will be similar, and meaning in the end, won 't change that much. This really just shows that songs and artists don’t have the most unique view on various
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