Rhapsody In The Rain Chapter Summaries

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This story is about a girl named Billie who was who lived with her father on a farm near the school. The students would bully her for being a tomboy doing things like playing cricket, wrestling, fighting and doing farm work or wanting to be a farmer like her father. They would call her “smelly Billie” and put her down because of her dreams to be a father saying thing like “who want to drive that noisy tractor. One day she didn’t come to school and rumor spread that her father died when she came back to class give her card because they felt bad for treating her bad. Billie didn’t appreciate the card seemed to act normal but days later she ends up crying in class and let go of all emotions that had been build up inside her. I felt sorrowful toward Billie, I felt this because of her classmates treated her. It wasn’t fair that because she was different compared to other girls, that she bullied and discouraged to follow her dreams, the girl would tell her that she wasn 't a girl to feel better about themselves. Billie tried to be strong very long time but she was human to so she couldn 't hold her emotion in anymore and end burst out crying in class. The class see this and realize that she had emotions, they were depressed because of their actions toward Billie. This happens today in our society when you aren 't considered normal they…show more content…
The absorbing idea in this story was, not judge a book by its cover. We see this show out throughout the story like when everyone thought that Billie was this strong and emotionless girl. So they treated her with awful comments every day but she pretended to be fine with comments soon they got the better of her and she ends up crying. The needed to understand Billie for a person rather than her appearance. This also showed that even the toughest looking person can be hurt awful things that said them or being done to them. I think we should first get know the person and to understand their emotions before assuming something about
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