Rhea In Greek Mythology Essay

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Rhea is an incredibly important figure when it comes to Greek and Roman mythology. She was the mother of the gods that would eventually rule the world. These six gods would rule from Mount Olympus, hence the name Olympians. They would play a large part in all the stories known as Greek and Roman Mythology. Rhea brought the gods to life and without her or her offspring, there would be no stories to tell. Therefore, Greek and Roman mythology would fail to exist if she’d never given birth to them.
Most famously known as the mother of the Olympians, Rhea bore the six main gods to her brother Cronus. These gods include Zeus, Hera, Hestia, Demeter, Hades, and Poseidon. As she bore each child one by one, Cronus swallowed them. His mother and father had previously informed him that “he was fated to be overthrown by his son” (Hansen 250). By
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In Roman mythology, she is “identified with Ops, goddess of the harvest”. In the same way, she is also “identified with Cybele and also known as Agdistis”. Rhea was also recognized and worshiped “through a shadowy figure” as an earth goddess under multiple names (Daly). Along with being considered the mother of the Olympians she was also known as the mother of the gods (Rhea). In pictures and such, Rhea is “often symbolized as a pair of lions that pulled a celestial chariot” (Rhea). Many people associate Rhea with things having to do with the Earth and also with other goddesses. The mother of the six main gods is also the reason for Greek and Roman mythology, Although Rhea is rarely brought up in myths told about the Olympians, Titans, and mythology in general, she played a very essential role in what is known today as Greek and Roman mythology. Rhea is a much underestimated figure when it comes to mythology. She formed many stories of Greek and Roman mythology. Hopefully by now, a new appreciation of Rhea, one of the twelve Titans, was
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